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SANDUSKY, OHIO, Monday, June 15, 2015 – At today’s ground breaking event, the Boys & Girls Club of Erie County Teen Center, known as “The Club “to its members, announced major renovations and additions, the result of major gifts and many other contributions from throughout the Erie County community. Improvements to the property will feature the all-purpose ‘Kinzel Court’ recreation area, plus overall landscaping and parking lot enhancements. These will dramatically improve the appearance of The Club at the corner of Cleveland Road and Remington Avenue.
“The ball really started rolling with the generosity of the late Ruth Parker who made a gift of the property to The Club last year,” said George Steinemann, Board of Directors President. Mrs. Parker had been a long-time benefactor of the Boys & Girls Club of Erie County.
“That was quickly followed by the terrific support of Dick and Judy Kinzel who provided the funds to build this basketball court,” Steinemann continued. “One day Dick just stopped by and saw the need. We can’t wait for others to stop by and take a look at what we’re doing here.”   
Dick Kinzel, retired Chairman and CEO of Cedar Fair, grew up in Toledo, Ohio, where he had fond memories as a member of the Boys & Girls Club.
“It was so important to improve the entire property at one time,” noted Lisa Dudukovich, Executive Director of The Club, “we are working hard to become more visible to the entire community and show off the significant progress being made in the development of The Club. This widespread community support has sent a wonderful signal to our kids showing how the community really cares about them.”  
The Club has been a vital part of service to the children of Sandusky for some time, but its’ future as a cornerstone has now been assured.
The Club had established a ‘Wish List’. A basketball court was at the top of that list.  “With the many contributions and enhancements that are happening now, we still have a long list of needs we’re working hard to address including the outdated kitchen facilities where we prepared over 9,000 meals last year for the teens,” according to Mr. Steinemann.
 “Kinzel Court”, a multi-use outdoor facility for basketball and other recreational activities to the south of the building, will transform The Club from an indoor only to an indoor/outdoor facility that will effectively expand the capacity and utility of the property.  Construction will begin shortly with site preparation, installation of a Sport Court surrounded by turf grass and enclosed with fencing, and the overall paving and landscaping.  Work is expected to be complete by August.  
This transformation demonstrates the continued momentum in re-developed of the Teen Center.  Just last year Lowe’s selected The Club for their team activity which resulted in an army of their employees refreshing the interior with a bright new coat of paint.  Recently the interior lighting was renewed with a generous grant from the Wightman-Wieber Foundation.
Plus, with this spanking new outdoor facility comes a lengthy wish list of items to bring it to life:  from plants and other garden material to beautify the grounds, to grandstands, storage lockers, basketballs and other sports equipment to support recreation activities.
CLICK HERE to read the article from the Sandusky Register.

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